Bathurst Banquet of Healthy Hubs

Finding the best food outlet that caters to an existing health condition or being conscious of your food intake in Bathurst can be tough. It may seem convenient to go to a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s or Hungry Jacks to buy their deliciously saturated meal as they show the kilo-joule intake and ‘ingredients’. But for those who want to sit in luxury and be consciously aware of good food that doesn’t expand the waistline that much, here are the top 3 places to venture to in Bathurst.

The Hub
52 Keppel St, Bathurst

If you’re the type of person who prefers to balance their diet in a vegetarian and vegan way, The Hub is the place that caters to your needs. From the breakfast menu to the lunch, The Hub is the preferred choice as it provides alternative and creative meals to your liking. From the red rice porridge with coconut cream, banana, coconut flakes, mixed seeds and palm sugar to the tofu salad with kale, quinoa and mixed vegetables (which proves you can make friend’s with salad) The Hub also has a signature coffee called Dr 34 which really doesn’t disappoint caffeine afficiendos. Although pricey, vegetarians and vegans will welcome the effort and layered appreciation of each meal to ensure your needs and wants are met.

4/40 William Street Stockland Bathurst, Bathurst

If you’re an avid paleo or gluten free diet follower, Piccolo’s on William Street has fresh and homemade sweet and savoury food. Piccolo’s serves up a filling gluten free muesli and ABC smoothie with almond milk for those who are lactose intolerant. The paleo diet stems back to our roots as a ‘caveman’, according to Dr Loren Cordain, and this cute little café caters to that wonderfully. With celebrities like Jack Osbourne, Uma Thurman and Megan Fox adopting this everyday food lifestyle, readers are advised to consult their GP on potential diet change.

Mr King Sushi
1/38 William St, Bathurst

Sushi is a fantastic and filling alternative to eating conventional Westernized foods, as you don’t need to eat much to feel satisfied. The makings of a sushi roll includes the wrapping (Nori, which is high in iodine), the filling (salmon, tuna high of omega 3 fats, or vegetarian) and of course the rice. This is a great alternative from eating the classic burger, one which doesn’t hurt the wallet as much as the hip.

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