US soldiers land on Iraq mountain

US soldiers land on Iraq mountain

US soldier have reportedly landed on Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq, as and international rescue effort gets underway to save thousands of Yazidi refugees.

Around 30,000 Yazidis are believed to trapped on the mountain, with little food or water, facing persecution from Islamic State militants if they descend the mountain.

More than 100 US Marines and special forces soldiers have now flown in to the area, while a small group of British SAS soldiers have also been sent in to assess the situation.

But Senior White House spokesperson Ben Rhodes has ruled out using US ground troops for combat purposes in Iraq, to fight the Islamist militants.

Earlier, British Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed an international rescue effort was underway, involving the US and Britain, but would not reveal any further details.

It comes as Australia is preparing to deliver humanitarian supplies to Iraqi civilians within the next few days.

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