Tsipras remains defiant against European bailout

Tsipras remains defiant against European bailout

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras looks to have turned his back on further negotiations on a bailout deal, again urging the Greek people to vote ‘no’ in a referendum.

Mr Tsipras has made a televised address overnight, a day after Greece became the first developed country in history ton default on an International Monetary Fund loan.

Despite first appearing willing to negotiate with international creditors, Mr Tsirpas has now claimed Greece is being blackmailed.

He is calling on all Greeks to vote against Eurozone proposals for further austerity measures, in Sunday’s referendum.

“A no vote is a decisive step towards a better agreement that we aim to sign right after Sunday’s result,” he said.

It comes despite warnings from European leaders that a referendum will effectively be a vote on whether Greece remains in the Eurozone.

Mr Tsipras has indicated he may resign if Greece votes ‘yes’ in the referendum.

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