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Obama responds to IS beheading video

U.S. President Barack Obama expressed revulsion at the beheading of American journalist James Foley by IS militants.

Syrian Council doesn't believe truce will stand

International leaders remain sceptical that the Syrian government will commit to a 4 day truce.

Truce for Syria likely: Brahimi

A truce could take place as early as tomorrow in Syria, for the upcoming muslim holiday.

Romney calls for more US involvement in Syria

Republican candidate Mitt Romney says there needs to be more action by the U.S. on Syria.

Turkish military fire in retaliation on Syria

Turkey’s military has fired into Syria, while a series of bomb blasts in Aleppo kills 40.

Assad acuses Turkey of blood shed in Syria

Assad blames Turkey for the blood shed in Syria, after 17 months of conflict.

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200 bodies found in Damascus

The Syrian army has reportedly killed at least 200 men just outside the capital.

Syrian President says battle of Aleppo will determine the fate of the country

Clashes continue in Aleppo as Assad calls this a defining moment in the country’s history.

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Syrian forces clash in Aleppo

President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces have renewed a ground and aerial bombardment of Aleppo, extending efforts to crush rebels in Syria‘s commercial capital. Insurgents have targeted army roadblocks and security installations, with both sides avoiding

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UN Secretary General calls for International action on Syria

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon has called on world powers to urgently unite to end the bloodshed in Syria, recalling the inertia of the United Nations in 1995, as genocide occurred in

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