Still no trace of Malaysian jetliner three days after disappearance

Still no trace of Malaysian jetliner three days after disappearance

Aviation expterts remain divides as to what could have caused a Malaysian Boeing 777 to disappear without a trace, with 239 people on board.

An extensive air and sea search is continuing for the MH370 flight, three days after it went missing, with no trace of the jetliner so far.

Malaysian authorities have extended the search area to a 100 nautical mile radius from where the plane was last detected.

One aviation expert, Desmond Ross, says its is looking more and more likely the missing  jetliner has exploded, considering no trace can be found. 

Interpol is also investigating the use of two stolen passports, and say a terrorist attack is one possibility.

Mr Ross has told the ABC’s Lateline program,  everything is speculation until something is recovered, but it is looking likely an explosion, possibly from a bomb, is behind the disappearance.

But a US Air crash investigator, Maris Giavo, says it is possible the plane stalled mid-air, and simply fell out of the sky in to the ocean.

But she says if it found to have been an explosion, it is more likely to be from a bomb than an engine explosion, as engine explosions usually only occurin very hot weather. 

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