Russian airliner “disintegrated at high altitude” over Egypt

Russian airliner “disintegrated at high altitude” over Egypt

Russia’s Air Transport Agency says the passenger plane which crashed in Egypt over the weekend  disintegrated in the air.

All 224 people on board, most of them Russian, died in the tragic incident.

The Airbus A321 was travelling from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersburg, when it went down in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

Russian investigators have confirmed overnight, the wide spread of debris at the crash site suggests the aircraft broke up in the air

Tthe head of Russia’s Air Transport Agency, Alexander Neradko, has told reporters the plan disintegrated at high altitude.

“The crash site covers a very large area, over 20 square kilometres,” he said.

“Parts of the aircraft have been dispersed across an elongated strip of about eight kilometres by four. All the signs are that the aircraft disintegrated at a high altitude.”

The cause of the incident is still being investigated, with mechanical failure or terrorism the two likely suspects.

There was speculation it had been shot down by Islamic State militants.

But experts and Russian and Egyptian authorities have cast doubt on this possibility, saying its unlikely militants in that area have missiles capable of taking down such a large plane.

Image: Reuters

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