Russia airline says “external factor” to blame for fatal airliner crash

Russia airline says “external factor” to blame for fatal airliner crash

The Russian airline whose passenger jet crashed in Egypt over the weekend, has ruled out human error or mechanical fault as a reason for the crash.

A Kogalymavia Airbus A321 crashed in Egypt’s Sinai Province on Saturday, killing all 224 people on board, most of whom were Russian.

Investigations are continuing in to tragic incident, after a terror group linked to the Islamic State claimed responsibility for downing the jet.

But international leaders, including from Russia and Egypt, are skeptical of this claim, saying IS does not have weaponry powerful enough to bring down a plane of that size.

Deputy General Director of Kogalymavia Alexander Smirnov has held a press conference overnight, saying the crash was caused by an external factor.

“The crew totally lost control and for that reason there was not one attempt to get in contact and report on the accident situation onboard,” Mr Smirnov said.

He said the only explanation for the aircraft to be moving at such a speed was “that is it wasn’t flying, it was falling”.

The United States says it cannot be ruled out that a terrorist attack was responsible, but says a thorough investigation is needed.

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