Rosie Batty to launch a 20 point plan to combat domestic violence

Rosie Batty to launch a 20 point plan to combat domestic violence

Advocate against domestic violence Rosie Batty has announced her support for a proposal that would see a levy applied to alcoholic drinks to fund responses to family violence.

It comes as she will launch a blueprint today, developed by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, to prevent alcohol-related family violence.

According to Fairfax, the blueprint urges all governments to implement a series of measures, to reduce the harm caused by alcohol.

Reports show alcohol is involved in up to 65 per cent of the family violence incidents reported to police.

Part of the 20 point plan includes calls for restrictions on alcohol supply and promotion, better support for children at risk of maltreatment, and improved treatment programs for perpetrators of violence.

“Prevention must be our ultimate goal and we must do everything in our power to stop it,” she told Fairfax.

“The Framework provides us with such a roadmap, a complete and balanced package of measures that recognise the importance of prevention, while not abandoning the absolute necessity that governments continue to support those already affected and assist and protect those most vulnerable.”

Meanwhile foundation chief executive Michael Thorn says the government can no longer deny the links between alcohol and domestic violence.

“The next step, if governments are sincere, is to recognise the elephant in the room; to acknowledge the role of alcohol and to embrace evidence-based solutions to address it,” Mr Thorn said.

“In practice that means putting public interests ahead of the alcohol industry and being prepared to say no to liquor licence applications that put people at greater risk of harm. As a nation, we must be ready to demand that they do.”

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