Quest to Protect Raine Island Turtles

Quest to Protect Raine Island Turtles

By Loren Howarth 


A mission to save tens of thousands of green sea turtles has been launched on Raine Island, off the coast of Queensland.

Raine Island is the worlds largest nesting spot for the threatened species, with the turtles swimming thousands of kilometres from places such as Indonesia, the Torres Strait and Papua New Guinea to lay their eggs on the island.  

The beach will be reshaped to increase hatchling success rates, and to stop eggs from being washed away by the ocean.

Tina Alderson, the project manager of the Raine Island Recovery project said a site on the island known as ‘death rock’ will also be investigated, as turtles often become trapped.

“The turtles either get stuck under the ledge or they climb up on top of it, and they often flip off onto their back and die from heat exhaustion,” she said.

Member for Barron River, Craig Crawford spoke to Sky News, and said that the project will create more space for the turtles.

The program is a joint effort between the Queensland government, BHP, and Barrier Reef Foundation, with the cost estimated to be near $8 million over the next five years.

Scientists have also joined the mission to study sand movements, after tidal issues which were discovered twenty years ago, still remain a mystery.

“We can’t put a price on saving the turtle habitat.”Mr Crawford added.

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