Pro-Russian separtists shoot down Ukrainian helicopter, killing 14

Pro-Russian separtists shoot down Ukrainian helicopter, killing 14

Pro-Russian separatists have shot down a Ukrainian military helicopter, killing 14 soldiers, including an army general.

Acting Ukrainian President Oleksander Turchynov says the rebels used a Russian portable air defence system to shoot the aircraft in eastern Ukraine, near the town of Slovyansk.

The Interfax news agency is reporting General Serhiy Kulchytskiy is among those killed.

A reporter for the Associated Press witnessed the helicopter go down, while gunshots were heard near the crash site in Slovyansk.

A Ukrainian air force jet was seen circling above the site, but it has been ruled too dangerous to visit the site itself.

Mr Turchynov says the helicopter was flying troops in for a rotation to a hill outside Slovyansk, where Ukrainian forces have set up positions.

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