Peter Greste’s Al Jazeera colleagues released from prison

Peter Greste’s Al Jazeera colleagues released from prison

Al Jazeera journalists Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed have been released from Egyptian prison on conditional bail, after more than a year behind bars.

The release comes nearly two weeks after their Australian colleague Peter Greste was freed, and sent home, under a Presidential decree that allows foreign prisoners to be deported,

All three men were originally handed lengthy prison sentences, accused of aiding the former government, the Muslim Brotherhood

Mr Fahmy and Mr Mohamed fronted court overnight for their retrial, and were informed they would be released, but the retrial will still go ahead on February 23.

The retrial was ordered after it was ruled there was not enough evidence to support the three journalists’ original sentences and convictions.

Mr Greste and Mr Fahmy were sentenced to seven years prison, while Mr Mohamed was given 10 years.

Mr Fahmy, who was a dual Egyptian-Canadian citizen, renounced his Egyptian citizenship, so he could be deported under the same decree as Mr Greste, but that never eventuated.

Mr Mohamed is a sole Egyptian citizenship, meaning an acquittal is his only chance to keep his freedom.

Mr Fahmy’s fiance, Marwa Omara, says she is overjoyed with his release.

“I’m very happy and it’s time for me and for Mohamed to be relaxed,” she said.

“We’ve suffered a lot. It’s a rebirth for me and for Mohamed.”

It’s hoped the release of the men is a positive indication their convictions will be overturned in the retrial.

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