More Aussies want action on climate change: survey

More Aussies want action on climate change: survey

A new poll released today shows nearly two thirds of Australians believe the government should be doing more to combat climate change.

The Climate of the Nation 2015 survey from the Climate Institute shows 63 percent of Australians think the issue should be taken more seriously, a six percent increase on last year’s survey.

The survey conducted in late July also shows like last year, a strong majority think that Australia should be a world leader in finding solutions to climate change.

The Institute says a “large majority (70 per cent, same as last year but up from 64 per cent in 2012) think that climate change is occurring with 89 per cent (up 5 points) of those accepting humans are at least partly the cause.”

“A similar 71 per cent (up 1 point) think that that tackling climate change creates new opportunities in renewable energy.”

Meanwhile 59 per cent agree that the seriousness of climate change is under-estimated by government but 16 per cent disagree.

The institute’s Chief Executive John Connor said there is also support for regulating and limiting carbon pollution with two in three agreeing governments need to regulate carbon pollution.

Mr Connor said the Labor party’s climate policy has the most support, but there are still some concerns.

“The ALP’s recent renewables goal and climate announcements appear to better reflect public sentiment,” Mr Connor said in a statement.

“But their policy detail, and its communication, will be important as there are questions, almost half (47 per cent) think that ALP policies will ‘just increase electricity prices and not do much about pollution’.”

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