Julia Gillard opens up about sexism in parliament

Julia Gillard opens up about sexism in parliament

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has given her first public interview since losing the leadership to Kevin Rudd, opening up about the sexist attacks she endured during her time in office. 

Ms Gillard has appeared at the Sydney Opera House overnight, for a candid interview and Q & A session with feminist journalist Anne Summers. 

She has described feeling a murderous rage at the some of the sexist attacks she was subjected to and says she finds it depressing and surprising that such ugly sexism still exists in Australia.

But Ms Gillard says it’s not about the attacks on her, it’s about the social norms Australian women are still being confronted with,a nd trying to change the perception of all Australians.

However she says despiten the negatives, she would do it all again, and would tell any woman wanting to seek the Prime Minister ship to go for it, saying the positives far outweight the negatives.

She has also revealed she has kept the hand written notes she made for the 2012 “misogyny” speech, in which she accused Tony Abbott of sexism.

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