James Ashby vindicates Christopher Pyne in Peter Slipper case

James Ashby vindicates Christopher Pyne in Peter Slipper case

Former Liberal Party staffer James Ashby, who has previously made sexual harassment claims against former speaker of the house Peter Slipper, has claimed government frontbencher Christopher Pyne offered to help him, if he pursued the charges.

Mr Ashby has made the allegations on Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes overnight, saying he spoke to Liberal National MP Wyatt Roy about the harassment, and he offered to speak to Mr Pyne on his behalf.

Mr Ashby says he then met with Mr Pyne in person, when Mr Pyne assured him he would he would be given access to a lawyer, and guaranteed Mr Ashby a job with either the Federal or Queensland government.

“It gave me a lot more confidence knowing the complaint I was about to make wasn’t going to be held against me because I hadn’t done anything wrong,” he said.

He also says Mr Pyne told him, if he went public with the information, he would have no choice by to accuse Mr Ashby of being a “pathological liar”.

But Mr Pyne has denied the accusations, saying  it was a matter between two individuals, that did not involve him or any member of the government

He has released a statement overnight, saying he had no specific knowledge of the specific allegations Mr Ashby was making against Mr Slipper until he read them in the newspapers.

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