IS militants kill 322 Sunni tribe members

IS militants kill 322 Sunni tribe members

The Iraqi government says Islamic State militants have killed hundreds of members of a Sunni tribe, in the western Anbar province.

Officials have put the total death toll at 322, including dozens of women and children, whose bodies have been found dumped in a well.

“The number of people killed by Islamic State from Albu Nimr tribe is 322,” Iraq’s human rights ministry said.

“The bodies of 50 women and children have also been discovered dumped in a well.”

The systematic killings mark some of the worst bloodshed in the region, since the Islamic State swept through northern Iraq in June.

State television is reporting Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has ordered an airstrike on IS militants in response to the killings, but government officials in Anbar province say they have not witnessed any airstrikes.

One tribal leader, Sheikh Naeem al-Ga’oud,says his tribe has been let down by the Sh’ite government.

He says he has repeatedly asked the central government and army to provide his men with arms, but no action has been taken.

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