Hungarian authorities “trick” refugees on to trains

Hungarian authorities “trick” refugees on to trains

Chaotic scenes have erupted in Hungary as authorities attempt to take hundred of asylum seekers to processing centres in the east of the country.

More than 2000 migrants and refugees have been camping outside the main railway station in Budapest for two days, with police refusing to let them board trains to Austria and Germany.

But authorities have now allowed the asylum seekers to board trains, only to halt the train after it has left Budapest, to try and force them in to a refugee camp.

Most of the migrants have refused to get off the train believing they had been tricked, with chants of “Germany! Germany!” breaking out along the train.

European leaders have been meeting in Brussels to try and find a solution to the crisis, with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban saying his country is being “overrun” by migrants.

Meanwhile, the father of a three-year-old boy who’s body washed up on a beach in Turkey yesterday has issued a heartfelt plea to European leaders.

Images of the Syrian toddler’s body washed up on the beach has shocked the world, after two asylum seeker boats sunk off the Turkish coast.

Abdullah Kurdi lost both his young sons and his wife and says he wants to rest of the world to see what’s happening.

“We want the world’s attention on us, so that they can prevent the same from happening to others – let this be the last,” Mr Kurdi said.

“My children were the most beautiful in the world. Is there anybody for whom their child is not the most precious thing?”

Mr Kurdi’s son’s Aylan, 3 and Galip, 5, were among five children who died in the tragedy.

Image: Reuters

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