Government to assist sending Australian volunteers to fight Ebola

Government to assist sending Australian volunteers to fight Ebola

The Federal Government is expected to step up its efforts in the fight against Ebola, and today announce a plan for assistance for volunteers to travel to West Africa.

The government has been sending financial assistance to the worst affected regions, but has so far refused to send medical personnel to the region.

But Cabinet’s National Security Committee has reportedly decided to provide assistance for as many as 200 volunteers, to travel to Ebola hotspots in Sierra Leone and provide medical assistance.

It’s believed the government has struck an agreement with a British field hospital in Sierra Leone, to allow any Australian medical worker to be treated at the hospital if they contract Ebola.

The agreement would also provide Australian with assistance in evacuation if needed.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is expected to make the announcement later today.

The head of the World Health Organisation’s response to the Ebola crisis, Australian doctor Russel Brennan has welcomed the announcement.

“Our best approach is to attack the outbreak at its source. That’s why we need the massive scale-up of international response in those three countries,” he told Sky News.

“And that’s why we’re delighted with the decision by the Australian Government to send a foreign medical team there to assist in that response in Sierra Leone.”

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