French magazine publishes cartoons mocking Mohammed

French magazine publishes cartoons mocking Mohammed

French authorities have announced they are temporarily closing embassies and schools across 20 countries, after a French magazine has published provocative cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed.

The comics, some of which depict Mohammed naked, have been published by magazine Charlie Hebdo, in response to violent protests that have spread across the world, after the online publication of the film the Innocence of Muslims.

The French government says it will close embassies across countries which could pose a problem for the Muslim holy day of Friday, amid fears of being targeted by violent demonstrators.

The United States has raised concerns over the publication, with Whitehouse spokesperson Jay Carney saying while the magazine has every right to publish such images, they have to question the decision to do so.

But Mr Carney has maintained it is NOT justification for any retaliatory violence.

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