Expert calls for men who are violent to be held accountable for actions

Expert calls for men who are violent to be held accountable for actions

An expert in social work is calling for a shift of focus of responsibility for men’s violence away from being placed on women.

Lecturer in Social Work and Policy Studies Programs in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney, Dr Susan Heward-Belle, has authored a study into a group of Australian fathers participating in a men’s behaviour change program.  It has found a common feature among participants was the significant risk they pose to children and current or ex-partners.

Dr Heward-Belle says domestic violence must be seen as a serious crime and not simply as a relationship problem.

She says changing societal attitudes on numerous levels, including perceptions of masculinity, will help prevent domestic violence while, in addition, addressing gender inequality needs to be part of the approach to domestic violence prevention.

The findings aim to spark a conversation about how to create a system which holds men who are violent accountable for their actions.

So far this year 62 women in Australia have been killed by men, mostly their partners or former partners.

  Dr Heward-Belle’s paper


If you want to hear more of what Dr Susan Heward-Belle has to say on her research you can listen to the interview below.

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