EU passes measure to relocate 120,000 refugees

EU passes measure to relocate 120,000 refugees

European Union leaders have agreed to relocate 120,000 refugees from the countries under the greatest pressure.

The majority of EU interior ministers meeting in Brussels have agreed to the deal, but Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia voted against the measure, while Finland abstained.

The proposal will see EU countries forced to take a share of thousands of asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea, who are currently in frontline states like Greece and Italy.

The deal is set to be ratified by European leaders at a crisis summit later today.

European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans says the Commission will ensure the measure is implemented.

“We know some member states were not in favour of the proposal, but those member states said: ‘Let’s have a vote, we will respect the outcome of the vote’. And so all the member states respect the outcome,” he said.

“The Commission is under an obligation to enforce what was agreed.”

The Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec has taken to social media to express his criticism of the deal.

“Very soon we will find that the emperor is naked. Common sense has lost today!” he posted on Twitter.

The UN’s refugee agency has welcomed the deal, saying it is an “important first step in a united European response to managing the refugee crisis”.

Image: Reuters

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