Earthquake in China kills 367

Earthquake in China kills 367

A strong earthquake in China’s south-west has killed at least 367 people, with dozens of others still missing.

The 6.1 magnitude quake has struck near the Yunnan province, toppling buildings and powerlines, with state media saying 14 hundred people have been injured.

It’s reported 12 thousand homes have collapsed, with residents still searching through the rubble for survivors.

The epicentre of the earthquake was believed to be in Longtoushan town, which is in Yunnan’s mountainous Ludian county.

Ludian is home to 265,900 people, with one resident, Ma Liya saying, the streets were like a “battlefield after bombardment”.

This region of China is frequently struck by quakes, with one killing more than 1,400 people in the same part of Yunnan back in 1974.

Communications have been seriously affected and rescuers have begun arriving on the scene.


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