Doctors call for obesity surgery under public health system

Doctors call for obesity surgery under public health system

A leading Australian surgeon says there is a lack of structured obesity treatment in Australia, and the issue needs to be addressed by federal and state governments.

In an article published in the Medical Journal of Australia today, two doctors have proposed a national framework for the development of obesity treatment.

Dr Michael Talbert from St George Hospital and Professor Michael Eyde from the University of Western Sydney say weight loss surgery should be available for Australians under the public health system.

Dr TalbotĀ  says obesity is an increasing issue in Australia and cannot be ignored.

“Obesity falls in to this difficult federal versus state funding problem, where there are no federal or state bodies responsible for management of obesity,” he told National Radio News.

“The State Governments probably want the Federal Government to do it, and the Federal Government wants the State Governments to do it, which means that nobody does it – it’s a no-man’s land condition.”

Dr Talbot and Prof Eyde say the costs of the surgery would be offset by the savings accrued from not having to treat obesity-related conditions.

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