Diplomats commit to Iraq as Labor MP calls for debate

Diplomats commit to Iraq as Labor MP calls for debate

The world’s top diplomats have pledged to support Iraq in its fight against Islamic State militants.

The group of 30 nations¬† met in Paris overnight and agreed to assist the country by ‘any means necessary,’ including ‘appropriate military assistance.’

The group has stressed that IS extremists are ‘a threat not only to Iraq but also to the entire international community.’

It comes Australia’s Defence Minister David Johnston outlined his support for action on the ABC overnight.

“I believe the end game is that we will disrupt and potentially destroy what is in the minds of the leadership of ISIL and that is to set up a separate caliphate state that is ruled by Sharia law and all of the things that go with that,” Mr Johnston said.

“We’ve seen how quickly these people move. We’ve seen the level of atrocities they deliver onto the ground to innocent people. So we must respond.”

The comments come as new reports show the deployment of aircraft and military personnel to Iraq could cost taxpayers 400 million dollars a year.

The Australian Defence Force is poised to send up to eight Super Hornet aircraft, refuelling and control aircraft, as well as about 600 special forces and other experts to Iraq.

But the Australian Strategic Policy Institute says this action comes with the $400 million price tag.

A Labor MP has broken ranks and called for a debate on Australia’s role in the Middle East.

Melissa Parke has told the ABC the escalation of military action needs to be debate.

“I am very concerned that the Government has so quickly escalated Australia’s involvement in Iraq from strictly humanitarian protection to now committing Australia to what appears to be an open-ended war that will only increase the security threat to Australians,” she said.

The Member for Fremantle is calling on Prime Minister Tony Abbott bring the matter on for a full debate in Federal Parliament.

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