Deaths and injuries in Chile following powerful earthquake

Deaths and injuries in Chile following powerful earthquake

Five people have been confirmed dead after a magnitude 8.3 earthquake has shaken Chili’s capital Santiago, generating tsunami warnings.

Waves of up to 4.5 meters have pounded Chili’s coastal city of Coquimbo, with reports of flooding and casualties.

The magnitude quake struck 169km north of Valparaiso, with twin aftershocks of magnitudes 6.2 and 6.4 striking the region 20 minutes later.

The event has generated tsunami warnings across the coasts of Chili and Peru with alerts also issued for Hawaii and parts of California.

The Chilean government has urged resident to evacuate the coastline as a precautionary measure.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet says the confirmed death toll currently stands at five with at least 10 other injured, and she plans to visit the affected areas later today.

“Once again we are forced to face a difficult blow from mother nature,” she told local media.

“We are monitoring the affected regions, the level of the damage … All the zones affected will be declared catastrophe zones.”

The quake was reportedly felt as far away as Buenos Aires in Argentina, about 1400km away.

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