Chinese factory explosion kills at least 13, injures 300

Chinese factory explosion kills at least 13, injures 300

An industrial area in China has been rocked by a massive explosion, which has killed at least 13 people and injured another 300.

The China Daily is reporting the blast occurred at a warehouse for dangerous materials, in the city of Tianjin.

The explosion has reportedly shattered windows and knocked doors off nearby buildings.

Videos posted online show a massive fireball shooting in to the air and at least two separate explosions, while shockwaves could reportedly be felt up to five kilometres away.

Some media reports say between 300 and 400 people have arrived at one hospital, but a worker at another hospital has said there are too many patients to count.

Local media says a fire caused by the blast is now under control, but two firefighters are believed to be missing.

One witness to the explosion has described the scene to the media.

“The fireball was huge, maybe as much as 100 metres tall,” Huang Shiting, 27, who lives close to the explosion site, said.

“I heard the first explosion and everyone went outside, then there was a series of more explosions, windows shattered and a lot of people who were inside were hurt and came running out, bleeding.”

China has a very poor industrial safety record, with 15 people killed last month when a fireworks factory exploded, and 70 people killed in August 2014, in an explosion at a car parts factory.

Image: Reuters

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