Bonsoy pays victims $25m in compensation

Bonsoy pays victims $25m in compensation

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A $25 million settlement has been reached with Australian soy milk producer Bonsoy, over the alleged poisoning of up to 500 people.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, who have led the class action, allege unsafe levels of iodine were added to the ingredients of the soy milk product, through a seaweed additive.

It was alleged Bonsoy was reformulated in August 2003 and pure kombu (seaweed) was replaced with kombu powder, which had the effect of increasing the level of iodine.

Its believed one glass of the milk contained 50 times the recommended dosage of iodine.

Around 500 people reported experiencing health problems caused by the milk, between 2004 and 2009.

Maurice Blackburn principle laywer Jacob Varghese says there are even cases of women miscarrying, due to the excessive iodine.

Bonsoy has today agreed to pay $25 million in compensation to the victims.

It is believed to be the biggest ever food safety payout in Australia.

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