Australian vessel investigating ocean "pulses" in search for MH370

Australian vessel investigating ocean "pulses" in search for MH370

Australian and British vessels are being sent to investigate two pulses detected by Chinese investigators, in the search for the black box from missing Malaysian flight MH370.

Over the weekend, a Chinese vessel has reported detecting two separate pulses in the southern Indian Ocean, less than 2km apart, consistent with signals from an aircraft blackbox.

Shortly afterward, an Australian vessel also detected an acoustic noise about 300 nautical miles north of the Chinese ship.

Search Coordinator Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston says Australian vessel Ocean Shield is investigating this acoustic event, and will then assist in the Chinese investigation.

He says while the leads are being treated very seriosuly, there is no guarentee they are related to the missing Malaysian Airlines jetliner.

It has now been more than 4 weeks since the Boeing 777 went missing, witjh 239 people on board, inclusing six Australians.

Time is running out for the black box to be found, with the battery life of the box’s tracking beacons only designed to last about 30 days.

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