Anti I.S. fighter released by government officials

Anti I.S. fighter released by government officials

An Australian man, who fought against the Islamic State for Kurdish forces, has been released by the Australian government without charge.

Ashley Dyball left Brisbane in May this year to join a Kurdish military campaign against IS in northern Syria.

He was arrested in Germany though last week, while taking a break from the frontline and was deported back to Australia.

He arrived in Melbourne overnight, where he was questioned by AFP officers, but it’s understood Mr Dyball has been released without being charged under the government’s new foreign fighters laws.

His lawyer Jessie Smith said he was “interviewed, released without charge pending further inquiry.”

Under government legislation citizens are forbidden to fight for either side of the Syrian conflict.

But Ashley’s mother Julia Dyball has welcomed the decision to release him, saying he doesn’t deserve to be locked up.

“Countless people and children that have been killed by landmines. And I don’t see what’s so criminal about dismantling landmines so people can return home,” she said.

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