600 Troops deployed to Iraq

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australia is under imminent threat from Islamic
State Terrorists

A six hundred strong military team has been deployed to take part in the US-led effort to destroy Islamic State over the weekend. Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the mission in Iraq can be considered successful if it’s able to control and protect their own towns and people.

The decision came within hours of the televised beheading of British aid worker David Haines with Mr Abbott naming the group as an “extremist death cult that has ambitions way beyond that of any previous terrorist group.” Although the government has not yet said how long Allied forces would spend in the Middle East, Mr Abbott says there are “clear and achievable objectives” to their mission.

Attorney General George Brandis says that ASIO’s decision to raise alert to “high” on Friday was the correct one to make, and rejected claims from Greens Senator Christine Mile that the deployment would further expose Australia to a terrorist attack. Treasurer Joe Hockey labelled the move as a “humanitarian deployment”.

Professor Clive Williams from ANU said combat troops could be needed on the ground, because the US airstrikes in Iraq were starting to run out of militant targets. But he said Australia’s contribution to the military strike against IS militants could lead to civilian deaths. “The targets on the ground were mainly vehicles run by IS and most of these have now been destroyed,” he said.



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