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Coalition MPs at odds with Tony Abbott over parental leave

Tony Abbott is facing dissent among his own party about his paid parental leave scheme.

Defiant Yanukovych emerges in Russia

Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has emerged in public in Russia

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Qantas to meet with unions today

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce will meet with union leaders today.

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SPECIAL BULLETIN: Qantas announces 5000 job cuts

Tune into this special bulletin, for the announcement and the reaction to Qantas’ decision.

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Qantas confirms 5000 job cuts, loss of $252m

Qantas has confirmed the equivalent of 5000 full time jobs will be cut.

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Commission of Audit finds parental leave scheme unsustainable

The Commission of Audit has ruled the Government’s paid parental leave scheme is too generous.

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Terms of Reference for Manus Island inquiry released

The Government has released the terms of reference for its review of recent riots at the Manus Island Detention Centre.

Rigby murderers sentenced to life in prison

The two men convicted or murdering British soldier Lee Rigy have been sentenced to life in prison.

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Government reveals $320m drought assistance package

PM Tony Abbott has revealed the details of a $320 million drought assistance package.

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Child abuse Royal Commission hear from victims of NSW girls schools

The Royal Commission in to child sex abuse is today hearing the stories of women abused at two state-run schools in NSW.