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Finch smashes a T20 record for Aussie victory

Aussie batsman Aaron Finch has smashed a world record T20 total of 156 off 63 balls against England.

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ICAC to hand down second coruption inquiry

The NSW ICAC will hand down a second set of findings today, over controversial mining licences in the state.

Britain and US still considering strike on Syria

British PM David Cameron has lost a parliamentary vote to allow military intervention in Syria.

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Rolf Harris charged with indecent assault

Rofl Harris has been charged over the indecent assault of two teenage girls, and making indecent images of a child.

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Study shows link to mental health and disability

Mental illness and substance abuse are two of the biggest contributors to disability in Australia.

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AFP breaks people smuggling ring

The AFP says it has cracked a major people smuggling ring, arresting five men across the country.

Britain could take its own action in Syria

The British Government says it is time for the United Nations Security Council to use its power to take definitive action in Syria.

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Labor reveals new NDIS sites in NSW

The Federal government has announced 11 more areas in NSW, to roll out the national disability insurance scheme.

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Opposition outlines $31.6 billion in savings

The Federal Opposition has released what it says is the “great bulk” of its budget costings today.

US and Britain ready for miliary attack in Syria

Britain has joined the United States in readying its troops for possible military action in Syria.