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Week in Interviews 27th-31st May

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Russia denies weapons have been sent to Syria

Russia is yet to send advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Syria, according to a source close to the Russian defence ministry.

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Less than 15% of asylum seekers are assessed prior to community release

Less than 15 per cent of asylum seekers are being thoroughly assessed, before they are released into the community.

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SA government could face legal action over mammograms

A breast cancer review in South Australia has found 72 cases were potentially detectable at the time of initial mammograms.

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McGuire admits ape gaffe was racial vilification

McGuire has apologised to Adam Goodes over a racial vilification incident.

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Political funding model set to be abandoned

The Federal Government’s has confirmed the introduction of it’s controversial electoral funding bill will be delayed.

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Remote and Regional schools to benefit from Gonski

Regional and remote schools will get about $6 billion of the new money on offer.

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AMWU calls for defence ships to be built locally

´╗┐Thousands of ship manufacturers across the country are expected to rally this morning, to demand that defence vessels be built locally.

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Independents & Greens lash out at major parties over political funding

Independent MP Tony Windsor says he will make his voice heard next week, when parliament debates new legislation on political funding.

Russia under pressure not to assist Syria

The US says Russia should not supply missiles to the Syrian government.