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Isobel Redmond resigns as SA Liberal leader

Leader of the South Australia Liberal Party Isobel Redmond, has announced she is resigning.

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Government and Opposition call for policy costings

The Government and the Opposition want to know each other’s poliocy costings after an election has been called.

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Gillard calls September 14 election

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced Australians will head to the polls on September 14.

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NSW and Qld flood cleanup begins

The flood situation in NSW and Queensland will become a clean up and recovery mission today.

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Australia to give $10m aid to Mali

The Federal Government has announced Australia will give $10 million of aid to Mali.

Obama outlines immigration reforms

US President Barack Obama has outlined a plan to overhaul America’s immigration laws.

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Julia Gillard to outline election policies

The Prime Minister will outline the government’s 2012 policies to the Press Club today.

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65 massacred bodies found in Syrian river

The bodies of at least 65 Syrian men have been pulled from a river after being killed execution-style.

French and Malian soldiers seize Timbuktu

French and Malian troops have regained control of Timbuktu from Islamist militants

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Poll predicts Labor to lose 18 seats

A new opinion poll has suggested Federal Labor could lose 18 seats at the next election.