Syrian Council doesn't believe truce will stand

International leaders remain sceptical that the Syrian government will commit to a 4 day truce.

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Mining tax fails to raise revenue

The mining tax has failed to raise revenue in it’s first 3 months

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Bushfire's contained in QLD, but could spark up again

Bushfires across QLD have been contained overnight, but could spark up this afternoon, due to saoring temperatures.

Obama begins 8 state blitz

Barack Obama is campaigning in 8 states over the next 2 days to gain crucial support for the Nov. 6 election

Truce for Syria likely: Brahimi

A truce could take place as early as tomorrow in Syria, for the upcoming muslim holiday.

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MP Thomson's home raided by police

Embroiled MP Craig Thomson has had his home raided by poice.

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Farm register fails to please Nationals

The Federal Government’s foreign farm register has failed to please the Nationals.

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Australian Universities unviable: report

A new report has found majority of Australian universities won’t be economically viable in a decade.

Obama continues campaigning in Florida

Obama has continued campaigning in Floria, hoping to gain key votes in the swing state

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Abbott's boat policy slammed by ASEAN

Abbott’s policy could effect relations with Australia’s closest neighbours