Growing demand for aged care facilities remains a concern

Growing demand for aged care facilities remains a concern

New statistics from Alzheimer’s Australia has shown the number of Australians living with dementia to increase by up to one third in the next decade, causing concern for the growing demand of aged care service facilities.

With more than 1.2 million individuals currently caring for dementia patients, Australia is set to face a shortage of more than 150,000 paid and unpaid carers in the next decade.

Approximately one person is diagnosed with dementia every six minutes and by 2050, Alzheimer’s Australia reported the number to increase to 7,400 new cases each week.

Nicole Mahara, director of the Whiddon Group, an age care service in Kelso, said the facility currently has 60 names on its waiting list- a common problem for aged care facilities throughout the Central West.

“At the moment, the waiting time for a bed in Bathurst is between two and five years,” she said.

Alzheimer’s Australia is calling for the Federal Government to continue to support the dementia risk reduction program, Your Brain Matters, to help build awareness of the importance of a brain healthy life to help reduce the risk of developing dementia.

CEO Carol Bennett said more needs to be done to help reduce the increasing number of dementia patients.

“The bottom line is that dementia is having a growing impact on individuals, families, communities, our health and care systems, and our economy,” Ms Bennett said.


“We need to do more.”





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