Thats Apptastic!

Thats Apptastic!

This week marks the fifth birthday of Apple’s app store which now delivers 800 app downloads a second.

Growing from a mere 500 apps at launch to more than 900,000 today, it is almost impossible to imagine a life without the constant distraction that these pocket-sized programs provide.

The top 10 free iPhone apps list is dominated by social networks like Facebook and Twitter but also features games and communication tools such as Skype.


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Among youth one of the most used apps is Instagram

Instagram in a free online photo-sharing, video-sharing social network app that was launched in 2010 and grew to #1 in the app store within 24 hours.

The free app offers a wide range of filters and easy setting changes making the most amateur photographer look like a pro.

Like other social networks, Instagram allows you to follow friends and develop a friend following.

But what sets this app apart is the personal connection you can develop with any follower you have, regardless if they are a celebrity or just a family friend.


Companies and businesses are also taking advantage of the app’s popularity, sharing photos to followers to increase awareness of products.

With its success emerging out of its ability to showcase the power of images and their role in storytelling, Instagram has developed on a global scale with users coming  from throughout the western world, developing countries and the Middle East.

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