Smartphone app takes Australia by storm

Smartphone app takes Australia by storm

zoe and isao

A smart phone and tablet application has been developed in Bathurst and dubbed the best new innovation for optometry practices in Australia.

Appiwork is a development business led by husband and wife team, Isao and Zoe Hida, with backgrounds in software development and market communications.

Bathurst smartphone app developer Appiwork has also helped Bathurst Real Estate boost its rental business.

The new app offers renters access to tenancy information and submits maintenance requests and rental forms to the real estate office.

For optometry practices Appiwork offers patients advice on protecting their vision, from eye exercises to tests for macular degeneration.

“I hope it brings a lot of new technology, a lot of inspiration for businesses here.”

The businesses we’ve worked with so far have been quite visionary in adopting smartphone technology to help their customers and their patients,” Mrs Hida said.

The app is now available to the public and free to download via the Apple App Store and will soon be available for Android on Google Play.

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