Rental customer's new best friend

Rental customer's new best friend


Bathurst Real Estate is one of the first businesses in Bathurst to get on board the application revolution.

Appiwork is a smartphone and tablet application development business in Bathurst.

Bathurst Real Estate has been their first client and already named a complete success.

The app allows renters to browse properties and file maintenance reports and best of all; it’s free.

Appiworks is led by husband and wife duo Isao and Zoe Hida, who are trying to bring new technology to the businesses in Bathurst.

Principal Stacey Whittaker said the app is the perfect tool for their rental customers.

“The tenants love it – it’s everything at their fingertips. It’s good to know they can access our information whenever and wherever they need it.”

Bathurst Real Estate’s new app is now available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

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