Philm With Your Phone

Philm With Your Phone

Smartphone technology is being embraced by The NSW Short Philm Festival which restricts entrants to  iOS devices.

Bathurst local and director of Rusty Shutter Films, James Arrow, says  the idea for the competition came from first year CSU students using iPods for filming.

James says that the technology is becoming more sophisticated and is extremely accessible to anyone.

“Anyone can tell a story,” said James, who has opened the competition to anyone from primary school students to adults, with an under 16 and over 17 age categories.

Prizes for the competition include a GoPro camera and vouchers, and the films will be screened at Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre on July, 25th.

Entries close Monday, 22nd of July via the Rusty Shutter Films website and James says a number of interesting stories from a diverse range of people have alredy been received.


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