Mean waste to green waste

Mean waste to green waste

Bathurst Regional Council has been toying with the idea of introducing compost areas, and food waste bins, to reduce the impact of the Carbon Tax on the Waste Management Centre.

Currently all food waste goes into the general tip, and breaks down in the environment, releasing methane gas.

John Fry, Sustainability Manager at Rahamim Ecological Community Centre, says methane gas is ten times worse than carbon dioxide, and should be put to better use.

He suggests that the Waste Management Centre should capture the methane, and turn it into bio-fuel, or alternatively use garden and food waste to manufacture fertiliser and compost to sell to businesses.

Solid Waste Coordinator for Bathurst Council, Antony Cullen-Ward, also says these are great ideas especially in light of the carbon tax, as it would reduce emissions significantly by taking out carbon from waste – not to mention be making a viable and sustainable product from used goods.

However both men agree that cost is a major factor in getting a green waste system up and running.

Implementing a new bin for garden and food waste, similar to what Orange City Council introduced this month, would result in local council rates increasing, and John Fry believes this will be the biggest challenge.

He says education is vital to people coming around the idea of paying money for a green waste service, saying, “People have become disconnected from natural processes.”

If the council does adopt this new scheme, it would limit the impact of the carbon tax, as it takes out carbon from the waste system, and keeps the Waste Recovery Centre under the threshold.

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