A Comprehensive History of Australia & Asylum Seekers

As our country revs into full-blown election mode it seems there’s one thing the competing politicians do agree on –

Population of Orange and Dubbo growing larger – literally.

Residents of the Central West have plenty to be proud of. We take pride in the succulent grapes that bring

The impact zone of a changing economy

Calare’s primary industry and resources sector is the undisputed king when it comes to jobs, but as industry shrinks so

The right to seek asylum

When Grassroots politics went to air last week, news was breaking that would turn the refugee debate on its head.

The smart vote

IT takes just one vote to swing a seat and it takes just one politician to change a generation. The


Mean waste to green waste

Bathurst Regional Council has been toying with the idea of implementing compost areas, and food waste bins, to reduce the impact of the Carbon Tax on the Waste Management Centre.

Online Shopping: the future of retail?

Online shopping has disrupted traditional retail models, but how are the stores in Central West coping?

Seeds of the future

QLD University of Technology are reaping the rewards of a farming robot program, but it will be a time before the Central West see the AgBot.

Rental customer's new best friend

Central West software company Appiworks is bringing local companies to the touchscreen generation.


Mount Panorama was rocked by MTV Wednesday night and punters took to Instagram to share.

Smartphone app takes Australia by storm

Smartphone software developed in Bathurst has received recognition for it’s innovation in optometry.