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Tanya Loviz
Tanya Loviz

The majestic Blue Mountains are abundant with culture. There are many art galleries to get yourself lost in and inspired by, but one that stands out from the others is Loviz arts.

Located in Faulconbridge in the Blue Mountains, Loviz art gallery is full of paintings that are guaranteed to lighten up the darkest of moods. The vibes of the gallery are high from the moment you walk in. There is no need to feel shy, there is always a friendly face waiting to greet you. If it isn’t one of her curators, it is Tanya Loviz herself.

Tanya Loviz is known for her vibrantly coloured paintings, passion for life and fun parties. At the age of 10 Tanya started to feel passionate about painting. “From a young age I was interested in the strong female form, it all started by painting mermaids.” Tanya said.

Strong women are the main subject of Tanya’s art. Most of her paintings have at least one woman in it. “I want to show strong women who get on with life, who love it and celebrate it.” Tanya said.

At the age of 21 Tanya started studying, it was then when she started taking painting seriously. Since then Tanya has completed over 1500 works.

“I am inspired by my love for life itself, it always presents things to paint. Even food can be fun to paint.” she said. Tanya is famous for her paintings of girls in wine glasses.

Some of these works feature use of texture such as sea shells to give the paintings an ‘alive’ feeling. Tanya’s works can be found in places such as ‘Mountain High pies’ in Wentworth Falls and ‘Dom’s Cocktail Lounge’ In the Penrith Panthers club.

Tanya working on a piece (sneak peek) for her 'Loviz Unmasked' exhibition
Tanya working on a piece (sneak peek) for her ‘Loviz Unmasked’ exhibition

Tanya’s latest exhibition ‘Loviz unmasked’ is set to launch soon. ‘Loviz unmasked’ features work that explores the Blue Mountains in a symbolic sense. “An example of this would be a tree in the painting behind me, it is a tree but also a staircase the lady is holding on to” Tanya explained.

The exhibition launch party will feature a masquerade theme. “People will come in masquerade and act out characters not of themselves and after about half and hour to an hour we will unveil their identities” Tanya said.  The Party is for Loviz members and will be held on the 24th October at the gallery.

Tanya Loviz talks about her new candle range! 

Loviz art recently held an exhibition at Cargo wines in Orange. The exhibition featured work based on Paris. The Paintings included a Woman leaning against the Eiffel Tower holding a wine bottle, her dress made of roses wraps around the iconic tower. The colours are bright shades of yellow and red to depict a Parisian sunset. “I visited Paris when I was 20, It never really leaves you.” Tanya said.

Tanya and a completed piece of work.  Sourced from www.lovizarts.com.au
Tanya and a completed piece of work.
Sourced from www.lovizarts.com.au

Tanya refers to the style of her art as ‘cheekism.’ Cheekism is her own unique art (and life) movement.  Tanya explains cheekism as the art of spreading your cheeky side through: really cheeky art, words and actions like kissing and laughter.

“Cheekism helps you stay focused on the positive, the light, the love in any situation, which I have found is always the better place to be! Finding beauty and laughter, even when life serves you a rotten lemon (or ten).” Tanya said.

Loviz arts is a lovely place for a weekend adventure in the Blue mountains. You won’t only leave with a piece of art; you will find an extra piece of yourself. The gallery is highly recommended for the sad and the anxious, you are guaranteed to leave feeling bright and passionate again.

Tanya Loviz talks about ‘arty parties’ and Gallery membership

Loviz Arts 

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Phone: (02) 4751 7555


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