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Badgerys Creek debate stirs Western Sydney

Opinions across Western Sydney are divided as the Badgerys Creek airport debate returns to the limelight following the surprise turnaround of various community groups.

Is Evocities worth its weight?

The Evocities project is attempting to decongest the city of Sydney by assisting its residents to move to major cities in Western New South Wales. Is it being effective?

The great divide

The lack of cancer services rural News South Wales means patients have been turning down treatment because of the impact travelling to cancer facilities has on them.

Roads to Recovery

This audio/ radio package is all about the Western regions roads. Should residents really be frustrated about their roads?

Eastwood: Then and Now

How did Australia become multicultural? The Sydney suburb of Eastwood is a case study on how this change occurred, why it occurred, and the effects it has on the community and wider Australian identity.

Doctor shortage in rural NSW

A look into the problem of doctor shortage in rural NSW and what programs can be implemented in order to decrease this.

Success In The West: The Western Sydney Wanderers

The Western Sydney Wanderers have gained unprecedented levels of support from football fans right across Western Sydney. Liam Denny investigates how the club has succeeded in capturing the imagination of thousands.