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Kappa Crunch

This feature explores the phenomenon of Greek Life, through a close examination of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at Oregon State University, on the east coast of the US.

Animal Abuse: Is It Just An Eastern Issue?

This article examines the mistreatment of animals in Eastern and Western countries, with comments and insight from animal welfare organisations and experts.

Halal: The Big Picture

An increasing number of products on Australian supermarket shelves are becoming Halal certified. Some of Australia’s most loved brands like Cadbury, Kraft and Kellogs have chosen to certify their products- all in the name of big business.

The troubles of tourism in Sapa, Vietnam

The rapid increase of tourists into the small town of Sapa in the north-west of Vietnam, has drastically changed the culture of the local people who live there-as well as the tourism industry itself.

'Til 10.3 Years Do Us Part

The number of Australian couples getting married is the highest the country has ever seen, yet so is the divorce rate, with one in three marriages ending in annulment.

Al Jazeera vs. CNN

Al Jazeera is a growing power in the news world. But why is it so successful? What makes it different from large western media organisations, for example CNN?

Maternal Mortality and the War Upon Women

A cross-cultural comparison into the causes of maternal mortality in Eastern and Western countries. Why is there a staggering divide in maternal mortality statistics between these countries?