Final Year Journalism

Final Year Journalism

Going the distance: more seniors working in the ‘golden years’

  By James Wells & Daniel O’Dea With the average Australian life expectancy rising and government tightening its belt on pensions, more seniors are working to make ends meet.  

Final Year Journalism

Controversy continues for proposed Flyers Creek Wind Farm

By Sam Murden, Clare Sibthorpe and Bree Philipson The Central West community remains divided over the construction of the $195 million Flyers Creek wind farm, which could start next year

Final Year Journalism

Our band could be your life: Central West musicians offer an insight into regional live music

Sam Bolt There’s nothing like a good old pub gig; the talented musicians expressing themselves, the audience sing-a-longs with beers and lighters raised, the chance to congregate with like minded


Mindful eating: the solution to fad dieting?

By Jasmine Kees and Natalie Pilato We’ve all heard of Weight Watchers, clean eating, and the sugar-free diet. In fact, more than 50 per cent of women are on a

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