Why We Love To Wine: The effects of wine on the human body

Source: BuzzFeed.com

Source: BuzzFeed.com


We all know that wine is as delicious as it is super yummy. But what are the effects of wine on the human body?

Made for everybody, from 12-year-old French kids to pensioners, wine is enjoyed (often too much) by everyone. But what are the effects of wine on the human body?


#1 – It’s a truth elixir.

Making us spit out the truth at the most loved (and hated) people in our lives, wine has the magical properties of a truth serum – just stay away from your boss. We have no regrets. Sorry.


#2 Did somebody say “Snoop Doggy-Dogg”!?

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Able to give us the energy to get batshit crazy over nothing, wine can make the ladies moan or groan. Just make sure that playlist is ‘lit’ and save yourself from public backlash. You were warned.


#3 – Identifies your maturity.

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From a sweeter Moscato to a more sophisticated Merlot, the selection of wine says a lot about your personality (and wallet size). Goon bag to bottled wine secretly crafted by the Illuminati and blessed by the Pope himself, your wine says a ton about you, whether you like it or not.


#4 – Makes you hungry.

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Though you may not have been hungry before, you sure as shit are now! Even after the plate of cheese and crackers, searching through the cupboards doesn’t bring up anything solid. Did someone say #MaccasRun? Chickkie Nuggies here we come!


#5 – Makes you sleepy.

Source: BuzzFeed.com

Source: BuzzFeed.com

“Eyes are heavy, palms are heavy, theres spaghetti on my sweater, wine glass isn’t steady.” Just a glass or two is enough to make you go to bed. Now. No idea how people party after more of this. Nap time!


#6 – Eases the pain.

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He said this, she said that, you stormed out the office and called everyone a twat. This mad chick gotta get herself a glass, or the next person is getting a kick in the ass. Not problems, nor enemies matter when wine is in the cupboard.


#7 – Stops you from dying early

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Full of magical stuff called ‘antioxidants’, red wine has the ability to reverse aging and give you telekinesis. Other side effects include eliminating cancer and disease causing “free-radicals” caused by oxygenation.


#8 – Brings friends together.

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No matter what you’ve been through, nothing is better than sitting down with a bestie and having a D&M over a small glass of wine. She may have been a dick a couple of times, and may have been a bitch. But who cares. When two friends are together, the only thing you need is a small glass of wine. Ok, maybe, a big glass…




*While staff members of SeeSeeEye do enjoy a glass or two of wine, we do not condone unsafe practices such as heavy drinking. Drink responsibly.*


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