Western NSW in desperate need of rain


Much of New South Wales is in desperate need of rain as the drought has taken its toll on farmers and their families, with resources and water coming to an all time low and farmers desperately trying to stay on top. Organisations like Fairfax Media and Macquarie Radio as well as the charity Buy a Bale have joined forces in helping farmers recive Hay for their stock.

New South Wales farmers are doing it tough physically and mentally with over 90% of NSW in drought, as the bills pile up, mortgages as well as putting down of livestock let alone the pressures on the family life there have been numerous suicedes and other mental issues affecting these men and women.

In recent days two senior National Party Members have broken ranks on the State Governments opposition to subsidies for farmers on repeated occassions. While other Politicians have shared sypathies but have offered no new drought relief. The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party John Prestonsaid that without extra drought assistance the State Government could have an animal crisis on its hands with many animals having to be put down.

The drought will have other downfalls as well with the States food security tofall as animals die off there will be needed food either shipped in from other States or overseas which will cost money, Also farm towns could go broke as no money filtering in from workers or people going bankrupt or moving on it can have disasterous effects on a small town.

Bathurst is holding a Black Tie & Boots Ball on the 11th August in an effort to raise funds to help farmers in need. As well as many other towns are helping out the bush with buy a cow feed a farmer as well as donations to help the farmers that put products on the shelves to help sustain the country at large.


Source: Ten Daily