‘Warm Winter’ For Central West Wine

Warm winter weather is causing worry for wine growers in the Central West, but what does this mean for the future of the industry?

 We all know that Australia can produce the best wine in the world; scientists have compared the climate to the famous Beaujolais Wine region in France. But in recent years viticulturists are experiencing a frightening change.

The cool climate Mark Renzaglia and his family has experienced its warmest season on record, with 22 degree average detailed at Bathurst this month and the warm weather is wreaking havoc with the family’s process of producing cool climate wines.

Mark from his family owned Renzaglia Wines said the warmer conditions presented a serious challenge for growers in the region.

Mark checking his award winning grapes Source: Central Western Daily

Mark checking his award winning grapes         Source: Central Western Daily

“I was pruning the vines out at the winery and while I was pruning I thought I was completely overdressed, I kept stripping down my clothes and I probably could have been wearing shorts and a singlet,” he said.

“July is our coldest, this is when the tourists come here, but this is the trend worldwide and global warming is here and it’s quite scary. Not only here in Bathurst but all over Australia and the world”.

The Renzaglia family at their vineyard in O'Connell, Bathurst.

The Renzaglia family at their vineyard in O’Connell, Bathurst.        Source: Facebook

Mark continued to say that growers around the state are now faced with a dilemma.

“You’ve got to be careful because if you go in and prune too early and … we get another cold snap, that can damage the crop load for that coming season,” he said.

“We can’t rush out and prune, but then we’ll run out of time, so it’s a bit of a tricky situation.

In recent years Mark has been a strong supporter of climate change and that everyone needs to play his or her part in the fight.

“It’s a really important issue to me. This whole business is my life, my families life and if we don’t change the way we all think about the effect it has we will loose everything,” he said.

“It’s very distressing to see what the climate might be doing in 20 or 30 years”.

Yes, it is worrying times for Central West viticulturists, but we can all do our part to change the way we look at climate change.

More information visit: https://www.environment.gov.au/climate-change

For more on Mark and his family see our Audio-Visual Package or visit the Renzaglia families website at http://renzagliawines.com.au



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