Uni students learning to make their mornings matter

By Nicholas Everard

Students from Charles Sturt University in Bathurst are working to change the drinking culture on campus, by learning how to make their mornings matter.

Headed by Residence Life, the new program aims to redefine the daily routine of a student by promoting the importance of an early morning wake up.

The My Mornings Matter initiative is planned by a team of dedicated students who also value the importance of getting enough sleep and using morning hours to get their work done.

Robert Jinks is the head of the My Mornings Matter team, and he is a strong believer in encouraging his peers to live a balanced lifestyle.

Although the program is only new, Mr Jinks said it has been successful across the entire campus.

“It is pretty popular on residence and we have had a lot of involvement,” he said. “It is good to see that people actually want to come and get their day started right.”

My Mornings Matter Leader Robert Jinks at an early morning yoga session.

More than meditation

According to Mr Jinks, students have the opportunity to do more than just yoga.

In addition to weekly yoga sessions, students are enjoying study groups, coffee walks and gym classes.

Mr Jinks is now encouraging students to suggest their own ideas.

“We love hearing from the participants and planning more exciting events. The best part of the program is that it is designed for students.”

“Students can suggest their own ways to stay healthy and to make their mornings matter via our Facebook page.”

Changing the Culture

Residence Life staff members have praised the efforts made by the student team, congratulating the leaders for prioritising health and mental well-being

Isabel Fox, Residence Life Student Initiatives Coordinator, believes the My Mornings Matter program is slowly shaping University culture for the better.

“It is about positive culture change around drinking and drugs,” she said. “We know young people, when they come to uni, over indulge in drinking and drugs.”

“Instead of being negative… we want them to self regulate.”

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According to Ms Fox, the My Mornings Matter program is appealing to all different types of students.

“It has been surprisingly positive. I thought we would get a few key people, who possibly aren’t the party type, turn up every now and then,” she said. “But, we get a consistent group of 15 to 20 every morning.”

Students experiencing the benefits

My Mornings Matter participants have praised the new initiative.

According to the students, their motivation to work on assessments and concentration levels in class have increased. In addition to this, many have discovered a new found desire to stay home and have an appropriate amount of sleep, instead of excessive drinking.


For more information, you can view the My Mornings Matter Facebook page.


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