The Drug Culture of Students on Campus [Video]

Australia is currently facing a battle of a culture rich with drugs.
The 2017 Global Drug Survey revealed that more than three-quarters of the Australian respondents had used illegal drugs and around one-third had used them in the past month.
The Central West is an area facing these concerns as they are leading the numbers for the most drug charges in NSW.
One of the areas in which the drug culture has made its home is among the students at universities.

We went to the core of the uni environment to shed some light on the current drug culture students are facing.

We sat down with another Charles Sturt university student who has suffered a troubling past with drug use on campus. He hopes this interview will shed light for any others who may be facing these difficulties.

This student isn’t alone in this struggle. Studies have shown in an alarming snapshot of student’s wellbeing, 7 out of 10 students rated their mental health as only poor or fair.
Charles Sturt University has partnered with Head Space in order to provide students with a safe space to keep them on track while they face the drug and alcohol culture of the new generation.


Journalists: Jack Rickard, Angus Kennelly and Caitlin Ogg